Altus Equity Group Inc. is collaborating once more with Housing Group Fund (HGF) to offer a debt fund specifically for accredited investors. The AE HGF Non-Performing Notes Fund, LLC, allows investment into a portfolio of collateralized, non-performing mortgages with a 10% preferred return and additional profit sharing. The fund aims for a 15-18% internal rate of return over five years, with redemptions available at the five-year mark and every three years subsequently. Investments are safeguarded by purchasing loans at a maximum of 65% of the property’s market value and through strategic loan acquisition, robust loan servicing, and risk mitigation practices. External service providers are engaged for loan documentation, asset management, and a full legal team to handle various legal scenarios.

NPL Fund Features

Capital Preservation

All loans are secured against real property

Redeemable Preferred Shares

Redemption opportunities at year 5 and ongoing every 3 years thereafter

10% Preferred Annual Return

Preferred Shares receive a cumulative, non-compounding 10% annualized


Loans throughout multiple states

60% Profit Share

Investors receive 60% of the distributable cash after the 10% preferred return is paid

Superior Risk-Adjusted Returns

Loans acquired have 35% or greater collateral coverage / equity

Benefits of Investing in Non-Performing Mortgages

  1. Discounted Purchase Price: Non-performing mortgages are often acquired at a discount from their face value or the underlying property’s market value, which can provide a margin of safety and the potential for significant gains if the loan is restructured or the property is sold at a higher value.
  2. Asset-Backed Security: The investment is secured by the real estate collateral. If a borrower defaults, the Fund has the right to foreclose on the property, recovering the investment through the sale of the asset.
  3. Opportunity for Loan Restructuring: The Fund will have the opportunity to restructure the loan terms with the borrower, resulting in a performing loan that can either be held for its cash flow or sold at a premium to its non-performing purchase price.
  4. Diversification: Investing in non-performing loans can diversify an investor’s portfolio, as the performance of these assets may not be closely correlated with traditional equity and fixed-income markets.
  5. Potential for Capital Appreciation: If the property underlying the mortgage appreciates in value over time, the investor can benefit from increased equity in the event of a sale or refinancing.
  6. Influence Over Outcomes: As the mortgage holder, the Fund can actively manage the workout process, whether through modification, foreclosure, or sale, which gives them significant control over the potential outcomes and timing of their investment returns.

Buying Methodology


  • The fund will purchase senior and junior non-performing mortgage loans that provide financing to property owners. Additionally, the Fund may provide financing secured by mortgages or deeds of trust in turn secured by real estate. 


  • Loan purchase price less than 65% Cumulative Loan to Value (CLTV) at loan purchase
  • A focus on metropolitan areas where the estimated rental income of a comparable property as the collateral is a minimum of 120% of the subject property’s senior monthly loan payment
  • All loan documents must be verified as collectible without any missing loan information or documentation
  • Any bankruptcy must be in compliance and enforceable

Fund Structure

AE HGF Non-Performing Notes Fund Structure
Investor Preferred Return
Minimum Investment
Proforma Investor IRR
Proforma Avg Annual Yield (initial 5-year period)
Manager Compensation
60/40 Preferred/Common After 10% Pref is Earned
Target Acquisition LTV
Below 65%
Investor Redemption Period
Initial Redemption Year 5 Every 3 Years Thereafter

Past NPL Fund Performance

HGF is currently managing a separate fund with a similar NPL strategy.  That Fund was formed in early 2019 and has performed exceptionally well, despite a dearth of NPLs available to purchase during that time frame (and until quite recently).  Below is a high-level overview of that Fund’s performance as of Q4 2023.  Because of the nature of the NPL business plan, the data below have been separated in two categories which include Fund-Level return calculations based on both unrealized and realized gains.  Unrealized gains would include the valuations of active loans in the portfolio while realized gains include actual investor returns to date.  Both categories calculate Fund-Level returns before the sponsor promote structure.

Fund-Level Returns Including Unrealized Gains*
IRR (Including Unrealized Gains)
Equity Multiple (Including Unrealized Gains)
Fund-Level Returns Excluding Unrealized Gains*
IRR (Excluding Unrealized Gains)
Equity Multiple (Excluding Unrealized Gains)
* Past performance is no indication or promise of future returns. Investors are strongly encouraged to seek 3rd party advice before making an investment of any kind.

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