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Author: planeteria_dev

Say What?

Up until last Friday my efforts for this month’s Altus Insight had revolved around research on the Coronavirus’s potential impact on economic performance.

Twenty-Twenty Vision

At first consideration, the title of the first Insight of the year 2020 couldn’t be more cliché. But Twenty-Twenty Vision, and therefore the hindsight 20/20, is not what most people believe it to be.

Quick Hits

It is the last Insight of 2019. It was both a difficult year and an incredibly rewarding year.

Economics of Populism

Populism defined: “the people versus the elite” or “political ideas and activities intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want.”


I apologize that my thoughts for this month’s article are somewhat scattered. This is partially due to everything going on with Altus itself.