Altus’ funds are structured for those who wish to invest in opportunities they would otherwise not have access to on their own. These funds offer an overall reduction of investment risk as dollars are spread across a larger portfolio of assets.

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Previous Fund Offerings

Altus Equity Group, LP closed a round of funding in its Altus Hybrid Growth Fund, LP in October, 2012. This fund was formed to allow qualified institutions and individual investors to invest in a professionally managed portfolio. The portfolio engages in the business of acquisition, renovation, management and sale or leasing of the residential asset class.

With the closing of the window of opportunity for the specific strategy set forth by the Altus Hybrid Growth Fund, LP, we completed the process of liquidation of all of its holding in August, 2016. Members were given the option to cash out or roll their proceeds, tax deferred, into another property. Over the life of the fund, investors received an unlevered ~17%* annualized ROI.

Altus Equity Group, LP closed a round of funding in its Altus Multi Tenant Income Fund, LP in March, 2014. This fund was formed to allow qualified investors the opportunity to invest in the acquisition, repositioning, professional management and sale of properties in the mutlifamily asset class.


* Past performance is not indicative of future results