June 22, 2016

Press Release - June 22, 2016

Local Private Equity Firm Expands U.S. Holdings with New Acquisition. Altus Equity Group Now Holds 500 Units in Oklahoma and 200 Units in Northern California Briniging Interests to over 50 Million.

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SANTA ROSA, Calif., June 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Altus Equity Group, a prominent alternative asset firm, recognized as a consistent provider of above market returns through disciplined due diligence, shrewd acquisition, and exemplary management, is excited to announce its newest acquisition in the south-central United States, the $4 Million Dollar - 98 unit Sunset Ridge complex located inEdmond, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. Sunset Ridge, combined with this year's earlier large acquisition of Oklahoma City'sRockwell Plaza, brings Altus Equity Group's total number of units purchased in the Oklahoma City Metro area to over five hundred in addition to 200 units in California – bringing company holdings to over $50 Million. Forrest Jinks, Altus Equity CEO, believes that Oklahoma City—which boasts Forbes Magazine ranking as "#1 America's Most Affordable City," as well as Forbes top 10 for "Best Big Cities for Jobs"— represents opportunity and market potential moving forward. Learn more about Jinks and Altus Equity projects at:www.altusequity.com or call 707-932-5887.

Jinks' powerful vision is to be an active part of up and coming communities - the area has had an unprecedented 39% in growth in tech talent over the last few years – being labeled a top "momentum market" – posting a growth rate that rivals established markets like San Francisco. According to the Greater Oklahoma City Partnership this trend will not only continue but gain more and more momentum. The extension into Sunset Ridge is a significant increase in Altus Equity Group's holdings in the area, also signaling big growth for the firm. "Sunset Ridge is a natural follow-up to the 304 unit Rockwell Plaza complex we purchased in January. Like Rockwell, Sunset Ridge needs full repositioning, and we have the best team already in place to do the work, and like Rockwell, the facility will be a huge asset in a neighborhood where we look forward to owning for a long time," says Jinks.  

The Sunset Ridge property, located at 930 S Boulevard, is a neighborhood that was also listed on MSNBC's "Ten Perfect Suburbs" list, and is comprised of nearly one hundred units situated along a major corridor in the growing suburb of Edmond. Altus Equity Group is committed to giving the property a long-overdue facelift, including interior and exterior upgrades already in the works. They also plan on instituting a tenant retention program to enhance quality of life in the up-and-coming complex.  Sunset Ridge is positioned to become an indispensable part of Edmond's infrastructure after its enhancements, as the city has placed a moratorium on new apartment construction despite population growth of over 1% per year, and anticipated job growth of 39% over the next decade.

About Altus Equity Group

Altus has a sixteen-year history focused on opportunities within various real estate asset classes, including single family residences, multifamily, office and commercial. In contrast to most Alternative Asset firms, Altus Equity creates indisputable alignment between all related parties. Altus Equity has completed more than $100 million in real estate transactions with average annual returns to investors in excess of 17%. Altus also offers exceptional transparency to all investors through real time open access of all property documents including financial and banking records.

Altus is headed by Forrest Jinks, Founder and CEO who as an entrepreneur from an early age demonstrated a solid foundation of business acumen. Jinks acquired his first real estate property at a very young age, and grew that initial acquisition into Altus Equity Group, a formidable Real Estate Private Equity enterprise. Jinks has been the lead investor and led Altus Equity to diversify over various asset classes including single family, multi-family, commercial and retail involving development, repositioning, opportunistic and value add projects. He engages progressive, yet calculated business scaling, contingent upon the firm's ability to go after larger projects with discipline. He is recognized for his constant finessing of detail, systems and communications. For additional information about this and other projects visit: www.altusequity.com or call 707-932-5887.

Contact: Kristy Brooks