Michael Adler

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Chairman & Partner

Raised, educated and spending the majority of his career in the State of Ohio, Michael Adler relocated to Sonoma County in 2005. For more than four decades, Michael has held countless roles, from entrepreneur, businessman, investor, philanthropist, to political activist. As a businessman and entrepreneur, Michael served as a primary shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of two public companies and half a dozen private enterprises, including CEO of the largest franchising photo retailer in North America (450 locations).

Michael’s keen sense of strategy coupled with creative problem solving skills and strong listening ability, has led many to coin him a “resourceful deal maker” and “financial engineer”. He loves people and win-win relationships. Since moving to Santa Rosa eight years ago, Michael has been an active investor and mentor to early stage companies and serves as a Board Member for the North Bay Angels, an early stage Angel Investment Association based in Sonoma County. He received his B.S. and J.D. degrees at Ohio State University.