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Altus Mid-Month Update

August 2023

While many Wall Street and other financial market participants have been on vacation most of the summer, we have been working diligently towards launching our new Altus Opportunity Fund. The final details of the private placement memorandum are being worked through, and we will start taking reservations for the fund in the next few weeks.

The thesis for the fund revolves around our belief that distress opportunities (in one form or another) are forthcoming. We are not alone in this thought process, as many large funds (i.e. Blackstone, etc.) have raised multi-billion dollar funds to take advantage of these impending opportunities. While these large institutions may have an advantage in their sheer buying power, they will be forced to deploy capital in large amounts per transaction in order to fill their investment allocations ($50m+ per investment). This leaves a unique opportunity for companies like Altus that are nimble and are active in smaller real estate transactions, with our assumption being the most profitable opportunities will exist in the sub $30m investment space.

While competition will be crowded at the top of the investing food chain amongst the large institutions, we feel that we are extremely well positioned to be selective in finding amazing opportunities in the tier below the multi-billion-dollar funds (with a lot less competition to boot). Coupling future distressed opportunities with current cash flowing projects (we are already seeing great deals in purchasing debt portfolios), and you have all the ingredients in what we believe will be a very successful investment opportunity for our investing community.

If you haven’t touched base with us already, and you are interested in learning more about the upcoming Altus Opportunity Fund, please feel free to reach out to Chad Richards ( for further details.

We hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer!

Happy Investing,

The Altus Investment Team

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