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Author: Chad Richards

Too Much Right Now

The past couple years have been slower than standard in our world, with very little transaction volume and most of our attention focused on improving operations and preparing for the near inevitable (our opinion) spike in opportunity we saw coming. The slow times are gone,

The Government is at it Again

Out of one side of its mouth, the government talks about wanting to help new businesses get established and grow. The other side of its mouth produces a never-ending stream of edicts that make it more and more difficult to start a business. Maybe not

Things Happen

If we are being honest, there aren’t likely to be more than a few Altus Insight recipients that are excited to read the Insight on a Sunday night in the middle of the holidays. It isn’t an easy Insight to write either, as we try

Why Here? Why Now?

Before starting into this month’s Insight, I would like to remember two American icon’s that passed away this week at 99 and 100, being Charlie Munger and Henry Kissinger, respectively. Their impact on America is unquestioned. While we will miss their wit and wisdom, what

It is Broken

When I write an Altus Insight, I try to have a theme that runs throughout, tying in the relevant questions and data, and sometimes coming to a conclusion. This month? Nothing. No theme. There is a lot going on, nearly all of it out of

Take it to the Bank

I am going to start a bank someday. No really, it is on my bucket list. Not because I have this crazy love of banking or dealing with regulators (in fact, dealing with most bureaucrats drives me nuts), but because there is something in me

Alpha, Beta, & Investing Success

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mistakes that investors make on a consistent basis. We don’t all make the same mistakes, but there is no question that we all – even the best of us – make mistakes. With that acknowledgment, the biggest mistake

What If and the Genius of the And

From the outside looking in, most would assume that Altus’s “product” would be defined as the best possible investment returns from real estate equity and real estate debt. We don’t see it that way. We believe our product is the best possible investment “experience”. The

Artificial Insight

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage in the news. From Nvidia (NVDA) having massive stock price appreciation as the supplier of the high-power chips needed for processing, to students using ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI chatbots to write essays for them, the world is

Risk is Not a Four Letter Word

Is an expected 25% IRR better than an expected 14% IRR? Is a 5-year investment better than a 2-year investment? Is an investment in an industrial project better than an investment in a new office building? Is a real estate investment better if it has