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Author: Planeteria Media

Two Men in a Boat

I have long been a paid subscriber to the work of Grant Williams and his Things That Make you Go Hhhhmm letters sent out twice a month. Grant is a senior advisor to Matterhorn Asset Management AG in Switzerland, a portfolio and strategy advisor to

Say What?

Up until last Friday my efforts for this month’s Altus Insight had revolved around research on the Coronavirus’s potential impact on economic performance.

Twenty-Twenty Vision

At first consideration, the title of the first Insight of the year 2020 couldn’t be more cliché. But Twenty-Twenty Vision, and therefore the hindsight 20/20, is not what most people believe it to be.

Quick Hits

It is the last Insight of 2019. It was both a difficult year and an incredibly rewarding year.

Economics of Populism

Populism defined: “the people versus the elite” or “political ideas and activities intended to get the support of ordinary people by giving them what they want.”