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Twelve Thoughts of Christmas

Twelve thoughts of Christmas   Originally written in the 1700s, the tune Twelve Days of Christmas that we have all come to know wasn’t placed with those words until 1909 when composer Frederic Austin put it all together into what is now played over and over

Forrest’s Theory of Relativity (Reprise)

Einstein’s theory of relativity is pretty straightforward, at least at face value: E = MC^2. Even the definition is pretty easy to understand, again, at least on face value: All motion must be defined relative to a frame of reference and that space and time

Tax Facts?…Opinion

As most readers will know, there is a bit of a battle going on in DC right now. Nope, not between Democrats and Republicans, but between factions of the same party. I am, of course, talking about the infrastructure, spending, and tax plan that they

Financing Frustration

Home prices are all over the news these days, with the August numbers showing a roughly 20% increase in prices for the entire country year over year. As has been discussed in previous Altus Insights, there are more and more questions about whether home prices

Risk and Reward

There are a lot of bad investing axioms out there, but probably none so ridiculous and misguided as “Risk Equals Reward”. This is especially true in alternative asset investing where no one pretends that markets are efficient. This belief is so engrained in investors psychology

Income Statement or Balance Sheet

This month’s Insight jumps around. A lot. But stick with me. With some luck it will all come together by the end. Not including any measures by the Federal Reserve… March 27, 2020 – $2.2 Trillion in stimulus (CARES Act) December 27, 2020 – $900

Hot or Not

In October of 2000, and well before our current societal awareness, a couple of people with considerable insight into human nature started a website called Hot or Not. The concept was simple, people would upload photos onto the website and then other site visitors would

Bursting at the Seams

On Saturday (the 29th) it hit me that I hadn’t started working on the May Altus Insight yet, at least a good ten days later in the month from when the process normally starts. And on the first weekend of summer with the kids just

Is a Pin Needed?

I am often asked my opinion on various matters pertaining to real estate and investing. Over the past couple of years no question has been asked as much as “Are we in a housing bubble?”. This was a question being asked in 2017, 2018, 2019,

Decisions that Matter

I have been asked to present to a group of elected officials in Northern California in a couple weeks to discuss how financing and investment in new projects works, and by extension, how the decisions they are making as elected officials directly impact the development