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Decisions that Matter

I have been asked to present to a group of elected officials in Northern California in a couple weeks to discuss how financing and investment in new projects works, and by extension, how the decisions they are making as elected officials directly impact the development

Same Story, Different Words…

If someone was bored enough and had enough time, they could read through years of Altus Insights on our website. In its current form we have been producing a monthly Insight since 2010. Prior to that, and going back to around 2005, there were similar


Originally my intent for this month’s Insight was to talk about the changing of the guard in the White House. First to review the last four years and then discuss the initial moves made by the new President. Even the most ardent Trump hater, if

A Wink and a Nod

I am tired of Covid-19. I am tired of the Coronavirus (why doesn’t anyone call it that anymore?). I am tired of lockdowns and everything that goes along with them. But most of all, I am burned out of talking about it all. Tired of

Revealed by the Hairline

Haircuts have been few and far between for me over the last several months as I (and most everyone else) have tried to maneuver the various shut down rules, usually unsuccessfully. The first look in the mirror when the chair turned around revealed a hairline

Two Men in a Boat

I have long been a paid subscriber to the work of Grant Williams and his Things That Make you Go Hhhhmm letters sent out twice a month. Grant is a senior advisor to Matterhorn Asset Management AG in Switzerland, a portfolio and strategy advisor to

Too Hot to Handle

I have been asked over the past few weeks whether I was planning on doing my normal pre-election Insight outlining the tax and economic plans of each candidate and what the impact of each might be. My answer, very simply, was No. The amount of


Risk.  What a loaded, complicated, and multi-dimensional term as we use and understand it today.  In this remarkable, strange new world that we’ve been thrust into almost overnight by COVID-19, our news feeds are filled with discussions of risk.  Most importantly, health organizations, communities, governments,


In mid-2017 the US Department of Labor finally, after several clunky attempts beginning in 2010, implemented a “Fiduciary Rule” or “Conflict of Interest Rule”, governing financial advisors’ behavior when dealing with a client’s retirement accounts.  In broad terms, this rule required advisers to act in

Framework for Looking Forward

In light of economic uncertainty resulting from the impacts of the Coronavirus, this past month we facilitated multiple Zoom brainstorming sessions with our investors. We are fortunate to have highly intelligent and experienced investors in Altus projects; and we were able to benefit from their