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Equity Investment Opportunities

Growing and protecting real estate equity is the foundation for all we do at Altus

Altus Equity creates exclusive real estate investment opportunities by unlocking hidden value through creative deal structuring, resulting in optimized returns for our loyal investor community.

Growing and protecting real estate equity is the foundation for all we do at Altus. Whether creating investment value through capital appreciation or through income streams, our goal is to continuously generate exceptional value for our accredited investors.

Alternative Asset investing has historically been an opportunity reserved for the extremely wealthy. While Altus serves numerous very high net worth individuals and family offices, we also provide these same investments to accredited investors of all shapes and sizes.






We carefully evaluate each investors risk/reward profile to successfully align them with investments that satisfy their financial goals. Whether this is through one of our funds or individual equity investments, Altus is opportunistic, yet extremely disciplined, in creating value for our investors.

“The Altus Equity team has the experience and sophistication that I am looking for when I consider doing any investing. The fact that they have weathered the bad times is more important than how they have performed during the good times. They have the systems and research in place to help with investing decisions and their servicing after the investment is made is equally impressive. I would recommend the Altus Equity team to anyone.”

Brett Martinez, Altus Investor

We align your financial goals with opportunity