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Private Money Lending

We work with investors and borrowers to structure alternative financing

Our opportunistic approach in finding real estate solutions creates a natural synergy between our equity focused company, Altus Equity Group Inc., and our private money lending sister company, ACG (Altus Capital Group). ACG was formed to satisfy the growing demand for alternative financing while offering our investors opportunities for for relatively low risk real estate debt investments.

Residential (1-4 units non-owner occupied)

Multi-Family Apartments

Mixed-Use & Commercial

Industrial & Land

Benefits of working with ACG

Creative Loan Structuring

ACG works with investors and borrowers to structure loans that fit their unique scenarios. One of the many benefits of private money financing is the ability to be flexible in catering to borrower’s needs, while offering desirable returns for our investment community. Whether that requires cross-collateralization for land loans or interest reserves for ground-up construction projects, ACG offers solutions that satisfy the needs for both borrowers and investors alike.

Fast Closings

ACG’s access to private money provides the ability to close transactions within days of submission of a full package. This allows borrowers the ability to access the money they seek within a reasonable time frame, and our investors the opportunity to quickly deploy capital for lending solutions. Unlike bank financing, ACG’s underwriting standards will not interfere with strict timelines. Deadlines must be met, and ACG works to accomplish them.


ACG’s experience and flexible lending capacity allow all parties to easily overcome the hurdles posed by the constraints and urgency associated with any loan transaction. You can count on ACG to provide the appropriate and beneficial lending solution for both borrowers and lenders alike.

“After investing various ways for more than 40 years I’ve learned the importance of diversification. More importantly, the importance of increasing my chances of success vs. the average. When it comes to real estate, I believe Altus Equity puts me well above the average.”

Mark Martindill, Altus Investor

We align your financial goals with opportunity